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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be an enlightening and transformative experience for all ages. We tend to prioritize external variables in our lives but not give our thoughts, needs, and emotions the validation they deserve. Through the treatment process, we will rework any problem narratives that seem to be holding you back while fostering identity development, emotional healing, and behavioral growth. 

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy allows partners to prioritize the importance of their relationship to bring satisfaction and joy to their individual lives.  Wherever you are in your relationship timeline, fulfilling partnerships cannot develop without attunement, appreciation, intimacy, and trust.  Couples can learn alternative ways to connect with their partners, speak to hear, and listen so they understand. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy is the rare experience of bringing all members together to focus on a particular issue. You will learn tools to overcome today's challenges and then be able to apply them throughout your lifetime. Although family members may bring their thoughts, emotions, and solutions to each session, the hope is to create a family dynamic founded on love, support, and respect.  

Teletherapy & Insurance

Teletherapy provides an accessible platform to connect with your therapist when meeting in person is not the easiest option, or face-to-face is not available. Individual, couples and family therapy sessions can all be conducted over videoconferencing.  

I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Aetna.  For insurance providers that are out of network, I will provide you with the proper documentation to submit to your health insurance provider.

My Approach

Outreach and Psychoeducation

In order to create healthy individuals and relationships, these ideals should be promoted in our community. Outreach through psycho-education is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together to learn more about common issues. 


Psycho-education presentations consist of informational content, examination of trends and current issues, discussion, and questions.

Presentations can be utilized by:

  • Parents

  • Children/teens

  • Teachers or school faculty

  • Sports teams, clubs, and student groups

  • Places of worship and youth groups

  • Girl & Boy Scouts

  • Charity organizations


Psycho-educational topics Include:

  • Social media/tech use

  • Substance use

  • Depression in teens--signs, symptoms, and interventions​

  • Managing stress & anxiety​

  • College 101--preparing parents and teens for the transition to college​ and independent living

  • Executive functioning skills

  • Healthy Relationships/Teen Dating 101​

  • Positive Self-Image​

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